5 Steps to Minimal Makeup

So minimal makeup? It’s fast and easy; perfect for the working woman. It’s actually perfect for any situation because of it’s simplicity. I’ve broken down my routine into 5 steps that take me from just-rolled-out-of-bed to effortlessly put together.

  1. Concealer/corrector: a peachy colored corrector can help with discoloration of dark circles and concealer helps make everything look like skin.

2. Powder Foundation: The coverage isn’t fantastic, but it is enough to make the skin seamless (aka you can’t tell where your concealer stops and my skin starts). With a light  dusting, it also sets all of the cream products.

3.  Bronzer: Yep, it’s extra and can be completely skipped, BUT HEAR ME OUT. Bronzer helps give dimension and color. It also doubles as eyeshadow.

4. Brows: Framing the face is essential when there is no time (or want) for full face. Defining the eyebrows, no matter how full they are, can be the difference between makeup that looks rushed, and the minimal makeup look I am trying to achieve.

5. Mascara & Liner: Again frame the face! Eyes are the window to the soul, draw attention to your windows! Mascara opens up the eyes, and a nude liner will make them look brighter.

There you have it, 5 easy steps to achieve a gorgeous minimal makeup look. What? The lips? Right so, I usually just use chapstick. Feel free to pair any lip color with this look! I guess that is 6 steps, but shhhhh consider it a bonus

MAC Lipstick Collection

I’ve been collecting MAC lipsticks since I was in high school. It’s not a massive collection, but I love them and I have shades I actually want to use.

Persistence: This is the newest edition to the family. The website describes it as a peachy cinnamon color, and I call it  my perfect nude. I’ve been using persistence the most frequently because it’s such an everyday color for me. Persistence is a matte finish but still super comfortable to wear all day long.


Del Rio: Del Rio is my favorite lipstick when I want a nice everyday color. I like to layer her underneath my Nyx matte liquid lipstick in french maid to make everything more comfortable. The color is described as a muted plum brown and is a satin finish.


Stone: Stone is what I use when I want a full on spice girls 90’s lip. My skin tone pulls the brown color more heavily than the taupe that others tend to get out of it. It is a matte finish (are we sensing a trend?) and a muted greyish taupe brow (straight from mac cosmetics website).


Rebel: My first love. Rebel is the first MAC lipstick I’ve ever owned and I have worn her to DEATH. I got her when I was into super bold lips because I couldn’t blend eye shadow. At one point, I would wear rebel every single day.


Viva Glam 1: This is my perfect red lipstick. It felt good to buy it because MAC donates money to an AIDS charity whenever someone buys products from the viva glam line.


Spring Haul!!

So I did some shopping over the past month and a half… The good news is that I’ll have a ton of inspiration for new posts and videos for the next few weeks. The bad news is that now I have to find a new reason to justify my purchases lol. I filmed a video hauling my nw stash I will leave links to everything I showed in the description box of the video as well as here, happy watching!


Carli Bybel Palette

Makeup Revolution Palette

Costa Riche eyeliner 

Painterly Paint Pot

Fix Plus Spray 

H&M dresses 

H&M  Tops 

Forever 21 Shirts 

Forever 21 Jacket 

Forever 21 Cardigan 

Aldo Yalissa Shoes 


Lipsticks to Try for Fall 2016

Hi Lovelies!

Fall has arrived, and it’s finally time to start getting out the deeper, richer, and warmer colors. The best way we ring in autumn in the south is through the colors that we wear. There are the brave few who wear sweaters and long sleeves (me), but other than that, colors. are. key. One of my favorite ways to get into  the fall spirit is lipstick! A few of these are oldies AND goodies, some are newer, some are a little more expensive and others are super affordable. There’s something for everyone!!



Nudes and Everyday: When I think of fall nudes, dusty  and warm undertones cross my mind. It’s such a subtle way to get into the fall spirit without going full vampy, if that’s not your thing. Nudes are also a bit hard for me to find. Traditional nudes are too light for my coloring, but brown nudes are too dark and look like a statement lip. It’s taken me forever and a day to find those in the middle shades that will work for tan skin tones.  A few of these champions are MAC’s Stone, Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Ashton, and Maybelline Color Sensational in Untainted Spice . Stone has that dustier undertone, while Ashton and Untainted Spice have the really warm bases.

Dark Red: WOOP WOOP! Time to pull out the burgundy and wine colors! Revlon’s Black Cherry and Maybelline Creamy Matte in Divine Wine are the two reds I wear ALL through the “colder” months. (update I found my perfect bright, red lipstick -stay tuned!)

Berries: If there is a better season to fit in berry colors besides Fall, LET ME KNOW. Berry tones are my favorites to wear. It’s a bold color, but not too bold because of the pink base they usually have. Berry colors really suit me and I wear them throughout the year, but when September rolls around, that’s when it gets really exciting! A few products to check out are MAC’s Rebel, Maybelline’s Color Jolt Lip Paint in Berry Naughty( a really good dupe for Rebel!! I decided not to swatch both to save my lips), and the LA Colors Matte Lipstick in Enduring. Enduring can be found at the dollar store. Talk about beauty on  budget!!