E.L.F Prep and Play Holiday Set 2016

Eyes Lips Face have come out with the most amazing holiday sets for 2016. The set up is beautiful: there are sets for every budget. There are sets for $5, $10, $15, and $20. They are ready for wrapping or, when you take off the price tag, ready for gifting! I got a set for most of the price ranges they’ve offered.


Graveyard of the Half-Read Books


School makes reading for fun difficult. There are so many assignments, and general studying, that books get set aside for another time. When that time rolls around, the last thing I want to do is read. Currently there are 3 books that have been started, but are no where near being finished. I’ve been trying to read Emma for most of 2016. The Book Thief is a newer read and is soooooo good. Real Artists Have Day Jobs is one of the funnier books I’ve read this year.

Hopefully, I’ll finish Real Artists Have Day Jobs during the few days off for Thanksgiving. To top everything off, I have 7 books to get through for my goodreads reading challenge. The stress is real, but it’ll be the kick in the pants I need. So while I work more math problems and master the art of the Punnet square, enjoy this post, the picture, and your free reading time. You’re very lucky.