A Dupe for the Clinique Moisture Surge

I love the Clinique Moisture surge extended thirst relief gel-creme. The hydration it gives my dehydrated, yet oily skin without leaving a greasy feel, is what makes this one of the best moisturizers I have ever used. It feels refreshing and cooling on the skin, leaving a soft, smooth base ready for makeup (and/or bed). The only drawback I have found is that for 1.7 ounces, you pay almost $40, and as much as I want to repurchase it, I don’t have the money.

Now, Garnier seems to know when I need an affordable replacement for a beloved high end product. I saw that with their skin active range (which has incredible face washes) included a new moisturizer. It is a gel-cream, there are options for normal and dry skin, and it is $6 tax included. The Moisture Rescue gel-cream seemed too good to be true, and the only way to see if it compared to Clinique was to get myself a jar.

Cliniques Pros

  • has more natural extracts
  • no scent
  • claims to help rebuild the skin’s natural moisture barrier with continued use
  • beautiful glass packaging

Cliniques Cons

  • hefty price for such little product
  • It has a preservative that can irritate the skin
  • is only available online, stores that have a counter, or carry Clinique in general

Garnier Pros

  • Basically the same product
  • widely available at all drugstores, Walmarts, targets, and online
  • Super Affordable 
  • beautiful glass packaging
  • claims to help rebuild the skin’s natural moisture barrier with continued use

Garnier Cons

  • Has the same preservative that can irritate
  • highly scented (goes away once rubbed in)
  • did need a little more product than I would normally use

They both are really great moisturizers.  I don’t feel like I’m skimping on my skincare at all. When I have an actual job, hopefully I’ll be able to afford the Clinique, but right now I’m so glad that there is a drugstore option that is just as great as the high end.


5 thoughts on “A Dupe for the Clinique Moisture Surge

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